the So.Cal.-based studio of

Creative Swiss Army Knife Paul Rivera.



Paulifornia wears many hats. We feel art blends into one another, so naturally we provide a wide variety of services. Providing Art Direction, Design, Photo, Video & Print, one could go to several creative teams to get what they need for their brand and business, but we like to keep it simple. We can take a concept, develop it, create it, and provide a tangible final product. We’ve worked with some of the worlds leading brands and businesses but never forget about the little guy. 

the creative swiss army knife

Being in business since ‘06 we’ve got the experience and know-how to handle business creative situations. We’re constantly trying to keep up with the trends in technology and design. We started using the term “Creative Swiss Army Knife” when a client of ours described us that way in an introduction. It made perfect sense cause we don’t just do one thing.