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October 1st and I've already lost my mind.

Hey everyone! Last month was such a busy month and this month is going to be even more insane! I've got some great shoots booked with some Pro-Athletes, Musicians, Models and Actors and Actresses... not to mention I'm flying out for my sisters wedding to florida and then shooting my cousin in laws wedding (the following weekend) in Washington. Looks like I'll have very little time to myself. At least with all the craziness Alisha (my beautiful wife) will be with me on those trips.  

So here's where I've realized I've lost my mind. All last week and this week I've thought that yesterday (Oct 1st) was Halloween. I already gave in to the fact that the Mrs. and I weren't going to do anything and last night we just watched TV and I feel asleep early. The funny thing is, is I seriously just realized (about 20 minutes ago) that Halloween is the end of the month (like it's always been!). I'm losing it people! haha. 

So back to work talk. Last month I had the pleasure of working with Bridget Marie Magazine again. (check them out at This month the cover models are Travis Bryant and Katie Cleary. Both have extensive experience in the modeling industry. Travis has traveled the world doing fashion for just about everyone.... now-a-days he's a screenwriter for ABC. Katie Cleary you might recognize from Season 1 of America's Next Top Models. She was one of the Contestants in the flagship season.... and Yes... she's still got it. Recently aside from her modeling career she's been highly involved with WAN (world animal news) and literally standing on the front-lines for Peace for Animals. Both models had a (for lack of better words) rad chemistry. They were so fun to shoot and narrowing down images to share was pretty hard to do! Below is just one.. make sure to look at the photo section for more!

MODELS: Travis Bryant and Katie Cleary 

MAKEUP, HAIR & GROOMING: Rickie Bocanegra  

STYLING: Jason Vrolijk

PHOTOGRAPHY : Paulifornia