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Sometimes things just work out for the best...

So the other day we had planned and prepped for a shoot with two models for beauty shots. And the team was here at my studio ready to go. Makeup all laid out and ready to go. My lighting was prepped and ready. Hair was ready to go and wait for it. Two Model Flakes at once. (this happens a lot) So for a half hour we were pissed thinking we wasted our time and we called a couple local models we've worked with in the past just to try and salvage the day. I gave Paige (the Model Victoria's Mom... since she's like her manager) a call and Victoria was just finishing up a physical at the doctors office. Not only did she come fill in last minute she did so after drawing blood and getting shots! I think these came out beautiful. Big thanks to Victoria Dare! What a trooper!  

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MODEL: Victoria Dare MUAH: Rickie Bocanegra PHOTOGRAPHY and EDIT: Paulifornia