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The 'Logic of a Gardener' caught in the 'Eye of the Photographer'.

Music man, ...... Music. This is the reason I started this business. I myself am a musician and "paulifornia" started out of a necessity for artwork for demos, flyers etc. So when I get to work with musicians and artists that are doing what they love, it makes my job all the more sweeter. Gardeners Logic is a band out of Orange County and they're starting to turn heads. Check out their music here ( Live they do the occasional Modest Mouse cover which makes just about everyone happy.

I've seen bands tend to act too cool for band photos etc. but it's important for press and promotion.... I mean what else do you send magazines, newspapers and blogs when they ask for something.  I love these guys cause they don't give a sh*t about trying to be cool... they just are.  

Below (and in the portfolio section of the site) is my favorites from the portrait session.

GARDNERS LOGIC is (from left to right) Vince, Phung, Mike Willson, Ian Bailey and Wyatt Fullmer.