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I think I saw a Ghost….Cover shoot with Derek Krantz from the TV Show 'Nashville'

ABC's NASHVILLE (photo not taken by paulifornia)

ABC's NASHVILLE (photo not taken by paulifornia)

Now modern country music isn't my cup of tea, but It makes sense that so many people have a taste for it. ABC has a new hit TV show called 'Nashville'  where the premise of the show is a fading country star coming in to conflict over a newer, younger, (sexier?) rising star. Derek Krantz plays the roll of Brent and we were lucky enough to hang out with him for a couple hours to do this shoot for Bridget Marie Magazine. Derek was hilarious from his jokes to his newsies type dance moves. Derek being a classically trained dancer, was very impressive even when goofing around in-between takes. We shot in front of the Oldest Tree In Anaheim. The thing was gigantic! In the middle of the park is an original old cottage, inside it's been rumored that theres a ghost. Here's where I got a little freaked out. While I was shooting Derek in-front of the cottage (basically that exact window in the photo below) I could have sworn I saw a head peak out from the top left of the window, which I at first assumed must have been an employee or janitor or something but Jason (the stylist and Editor of Bridget Marie Magazine) told me that no one goes in there that it's been locked shut for years. Yikes!

Anyway ghost and all the shoot was fun and I'm happy with the pics. Take a look at the portfolio section of this site for more pictures and be sure to check out this months Bridget Marie Magazine @ (

ACTOR: Derek Krantz STYLING: Jason Vjrolik PHOTOGRAPHY: Paulifornia