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WAR against Stock Photography.

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So my friend Chloe Sweet (MUA/Hairstylist) had this rad idea for a duality type shoot. Something like this isn't my normal thing. We had so much fun!!! This was a two parter.. First we did in studio shots of Model: Hope Eckman … Chloe Painted her white and did her makeup and hair (wig) we shot her in studio with a black backdrop… my first pass at the edits i used stock photography for the trees. It totally bummed me out. :( I HATE HATE HATE using stock photography cause it feels like cheating. I had a trip planned to go to Seattle, WA so I told Chloe I needed time on this project. (Both to get the right trees and cause I needed to edit these in the right frame of mind) I ended up going to the Mountains about a couple hours south of Seattle (forgot the city name) and Pulled over and took the background shots. Man I'm so glad that I did that. So happy that all the elements artistically are real and taken with my camera. 

NO STOCK PHOTOGRAPHY WAS USED IN THE MAKING OF THIS SERIES! There are 4 more images in this series which we'll reveal on results of a recent magazine submission.

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