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Repeal of Prohibition Anniversary Party @ The Gypsy Den Anaheim

(click to enlarge) (artwork by paulifornia)

This Thursday December 5th it's on. Party like a big band swing-star at the Gypsy Den in Anaheim's newly refurbished CENTER STREET. Check out the poster we did for this event. Seriously looks fun and we'll be there to support.

Imagine what it was like 80 years ago… That it was against the law to have a drink or nine with your friends and family. We live in some weird times and without getting super political here, I wouldn't be surprised that in our life time there'll be some sort of law that takes away a freedom that we take for granted. We the people need to stick together and not let that happen. Lets have a drink together Thursday and celebrate the fact that for now we are free and if Someone or Some entity tries to take it away from us we'll come together and fight.

See you thursday friends.  

The Gypsy Den Anaheim Arts District

211 W Center St Promenade Anaheim CA 92805