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Farmers Park Grand Opening - Sat. 30th of June

So one of my clients "The Lab Holding" has been involved in a really cool development in the City of Anaheim. If you didn't already know this I've had the Lab Holding both as a client and employer. I was employed with them late 2012 and got to see this whole project start up. The Farmers park is just that. A fun perfectly placed park in the heart of Downtown Anaheim. Lots of open space, lush grass, shade and just a place to enjoy the outdoors without leaving the city. The grand-opening (slideshow below) was such a fun and successful event. The Lab's Marketing person was on point making this such a fun event. Everyone had smiles on, and were just so happy to celebrate something that the city has wanted for itself for what seemed like decades. The Mayor and his team received Memorial Railroad nails for their hard work from the Team at The Lab Holding. While this is a city owned project the Lab Manages and basically curates it. If you don't know the Lab check out their stuff at or So this project was done with community in mind. And the Mayor said it best... "everyone is our neighbor and this is neighborhood park" 

The event was great. Besides all the smiling faces there were booths and workshops. Once really interesting one was the bee replacement/ movers. Rather than destroy a honey bee's nest they move it to another location where it can flourish cause we're all starting to learn how important honey bees are. The ecology Center taught us how to make seed balls which was a fun and interesting way to plant seeds. There was food trucks and a Free Bike Repair station. There was even a mobil yarn store. I think you need to check out this place for yourself. Grab a beer at the Anaheim Brewery and a Burger at Umami Burger and go play in the grass!