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Locked N' Loaded! Thompson Boxings July Event Announced!

Hey everyone. So super pumped about this next fight. Not only is local Favorite Artemio Reyes fighting on the card, so is our (Thompson Boxing Promotions) fighter Alex Theran (from Columbia) who's a monster in the ring. This is going to fun night. Sindy Amador (another local favorite) is fighting Jolene B. for the WIBA (Women's International Boxing Association) World Title Belt (Jr. Flyweight). If you've never seen a women's boxing match you've never seen a boxing match. Women's fights are so much more intense.... mainly cause they don't stop. They brawl. This one will make history cause Sindy is a machine... when she hears the bell that's her green-light to destroy.   

July 26th Poster. (design by paulifornia) Artemio Reyes Photo by Carlos Baeza, Alex Theran and Sindy Amador by paulifornia, Jolene's photo (unknown)