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So I've been wanting to do a pinup shoot since the shoot I got to do with Ashlynn Yennie but I wanted to do something more traditional and not cheesy. I hunted for the right models and originally chose two but... one model brought a friend to the shoot and  ended up getting great shots! These images were more for fun than anything. I wanted to try some lighting techniques as long as some editing techniques.... I'm so proud of these images! They came out so awesome! I can't wait for the next pinup shoot now! These are just a handful. Check out the rest on the site here under in the portfolio!  

Big thanks to Contradiction by Angie for Jewelry. Thank you to Letty and Queen Of Hearts Apparel! Makeup and Hair by Rickie Bocanegra. Jason V. Styled the look with the white top, black pants. All other styling by Paulifornia . Photography and Edits by Paulifornia