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Atomic Ape and Thruster!

Words can't describe the talent and pure creativity that 'Thruster!' produces both recorded and live. Timothy Young on Guitar (Session guitarist on tons of records you own), Kaveh Rastegar (Kneebody and session bassist on tons of records you own) and Matt Chamberlin (known for playing for Tori Amos but again on tons of records you own) These guys play a meld of math rock, avant guard jazz, grunge all in a sweet package. No vocals just an assault of instruments played in odd timings and weaving in and out from each other all to bring this cohesive blend of their own sound. As I write this I'm seriously having trouble describing how awesome these guys truly are.... so I guess I'll just just stay redundant with that statement. 

Opening up the night was Atomic Ape. I really enjoyed these guys and what a perfect pairing with Thruster. I was instantly reminded of Mr. Bungle but they had this really cool vibe I couldn't really place. They were a thrill to listen to and humbling as a musician to watch. It was their album release show.. and they're currently on tour. Below are two slide shows... the top one is thruster! and the bottom atomic ape.. Enjoy! 

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